Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

It is back to work for me tomorrow it has been 7 weeks since I have worked and I am soooooo ready to go back. I am not going to like getting up so early again and going to bed so early again but it will be ok I will once again adjust!! I get to go back 2 days before my favorite season is over so that will be nice. I have my outfits ready for those to days both Christmas outfits and I have antlers to go with each one. Last year it was something I did for fun is wore a different pair ever day but this year I only get to wear two of them. Sad Face:( But besides that we are snowed in just like every one else we have 14 inches of snow and it is beautiful but I hate driving in it I am hoping for a late start tomorrow so I can at least drive in the day light and not the pitch black of morning. DeWayne and I are getting ready for Christmas just spending the day by ourselves watching movies and just hanging out with each other that is how we are going to spending our Christmas! It will be very different for me since i am so used to being with my family but that is what happens when you have two family and so does your sister!!! So we will go up to Wenatchee on the 3rd and spend the weekend with my family and have a great time i am sure.

It is a very busy time of the year for everyone but I just want everyone to know how much each and everyone of you mean to me I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends and a family that cares for each other so much. Please during this busy season remember those of us that are not so lucky and remember how blessed you are. I love you all and hope you have the Merriest of Christmas's and a Bright and Happy New year!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow anyone???

Just wanted to know how every body is holding up against this ugly storm. We have 3 or 4 inches right now and they are calling for 2 more inches by tonight and it has been snowing all nights really small flakes but it has been coming down and soooooo very cold right now it is 12 degrees outside and with the wind chill even colder. They are calling for more snow on wednesday and then again next saturday so it looks like we might have a white christmas after all if it stays this cold!! I am staying in where it is warm for sure as for DeWayne he is out driving in it all day but it has been pretty slow for the pizza industry right now. I keep telling DeWayne every thing is slow right now :( Any how just on here wondering how every one else is doing with this wonderful storm??

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hi all sorry it has been so long you would think with me not having anything to do that i would be on the Internet every day changing my blog well that is not the case. I have found many things to keep me occupied i have been knitting a lot, making Christmas cookies, trying to get my house organized before i went back to work which was going to be tomorrow 12/10 but after my 4 week check up after surgery i got the sad news that i would not be getting to go back to work until after Christmas which really bums me out this i know sounds weird but it is my favorite time at work and i have missed the whole Christmas season now. Bummer... Besides that things are going OK here in the Tri-Cities, De Wayne is working lots and has put in his application to work another job as well to help out with the money crunch and you never know he may keep it a while if he likes it. It would be Saturday and Sunday's only he would be doing outages for the Herald so if someone didn't get there paper or something like that he would be getting there paper to them and if people needed help doing down paper routs he would be doing those as well so he would leave at 3 am and get home around 10 or 12 and then come home and go to bed. We will see how it works out but i am very thankful that i have a husband that doesn't mind going the extra mile to help out his little family.

As for Christmas this year i don't know if i will even decorate because of doctors orders to stay laying down i don't think he knows how boring it is. But i will do it because i really want to be back to work the first of the year as i hear there are a lot of changes going on and i will be working just for for the first time since i started a year and a half ago.

OK well it is back to laying down for me i will write more later i promise and i am sorry that it has taken me so long to post a blog one month to be exact. Love to all!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well last night was but if i could just get some sleep that would be great i was up once again from11-12 then got up at 4 and couldn't make my self go back to sleep kept thinking that i would sleep in to late and there is to many things just going thru my head period... Let me tell you though I am so excited to hopefully get rid of all the pain that i have had for years and no one could tell me what it was. But lets hope this is it!!!! Well now mom just got up so i should go and visit with her can i tell you how glad that i am to have my mommy here with me when i going into surgery. OK well mom will update everyone later and once i am up and feeling like i can use the computer i will how it went.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting Ready

So today is a day to get ready for the rest of the week. I go in tomorrow morning , my check in time is 8:45 and then I will or at least should be home tomorrow night. I am feeling nervous and a little anxious. I have been up that last two days at 5 in the AM going "what to do now?" I have started knitting with a group of girls at work so I have made two scarvs so far and the Knitting fairy has delivered me a basket of yarn and a new set of Bamboo knitting needles! All i have to get is one more small set so I can start making wash cloths for Christmas gifts. I really appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers and i will make sure some one updates my blog so you all will know how it went. I have to be going now it is Sunday so that means it is football day and i have to share the computer! Love you all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The day has come...

Well we got all the news from the doctor yesterday. I will be going in on Monday ( not sure on the time yet find that out on Friday) and i will be having my right ovary removed with a mass that is about the size of a baseball 7 1/2 cm. he will remove that and at that time do a DNC of my uterus and my vi j j walls will all be scraped and he will also do a couple of biopsies of different spots in side and then last and least he will be removing the Skin Tag from the side of my leg.

I will be out of work for 4-6 weeks and will be at home so if anyone gets board give me a call. I will be doing a lot of knitting so that i have Christmas gifts to give to people.

I am sorry i have not written in so long there has been just to much stress lately and i wanted everyone to be excited for my sister and (PJ &Scooter)

I hope life is treating everyone else well and that every one else is healthy and not getting the nasty flu that is going around.

I will let everyone know how i am doing after surgery either that or mom dad or Randi will post how i am doing on there blogs. Love you all and thanks for the warm blessings and positive thoughts!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wish I had answeres...

Well thanks to everyone and there positive thoughts. I would love to say they all helped but it looks like I am going to be needed more of them sent our way. We got to the doctors today ( anxious all day) and the doctor was running 45 mins late. UGGGGGG....... Any how I had a trans vaginal ultrasound today and also was to get a biopsy of my Uterus. Well that didn't all happen. I had the Ultrasound and it was very painful. We got some pictures of it but it didn't have all the info needed so I will have to go in and have a CT Scan of my Uterus now. At that same time they will do an Ultra sound of my Left breast because they found a lump in it today as well. Then it will be off to surgery on the 10th of November to get the Biopsy of my Uterus and also see why my uterus is so painful and what is going on with the cysts. So I would love to say that this is all over and done with but at this time it looks like it is just starting. Please keep the good thoughts coming when you have some free time. Love you all. Ryan and DeWayne

Friday, October 10, 2008

Many Thanks!

Thank you so much to all of you who are keeping us in your thoughts and prayers it has defiantly made much a difference and a horrible week. Today I have finely felt a little more like my self laughing and joking with others at work. And of course that made it seem like i didn't have as many screamers!!! If you work on a call floor you would understand what a screamer is. We are both really anxious to get the Biopsy results to see what that his in store for us as well but what ever may come we both are trying to keep in mind that God knows what he is doing and will never give us more than we can handle he may test us but he knows how far. Please keep the good thoughts and prayers coming our way as we would love to have a great weekend that is relaxing and not so full of stress. Love and appreciation to everyone.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank you so much for the friends and family who have given DeWayne and I support over the last couple of days. For those of you who don't know I went and saw the OBGYN on Monday and I am sad to say that DeWayne and I found out that we will not be having any children. My body is no longer producing Eggs to make babies at this time. This makes us both really sad and has taken a couple of days for the tears to stop. Not only that but the Doctor is going in on the 22nd to do a Biopsy on my uterus (11.5 inch needle going through my stomach and into my uterus) to make sure that I don't have uterine cancer. So we will wait till the 22 and see what will happen from there the doctor is going to put me on a med so that from here on out I will have my period every 3 months. I also have PCOS which looks like it runs in the family and could be the reason I have the Cysts on my ovaries and my uterus. So I would love all the positive thoughts and prayers that could come our way. We will keep you informed as we hear anything. Love to all Ryan and DeWayne.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Were Home

I just wanted everyone to know that we got home safely last night after stopping at Angie's and Rory's for a couple of hours. We then went to the outlet malls just to see if there were shoes that were not at the Burlington Reebok outlet. There wasn't but then we walked into Big Dog and they are closing there doors on Jan 1 so everything is on sale if any one needs anything up to a size 6X that would be the place to get it now. I have to go it is off to see the OBGYN and see what he has to say lets keep our fingers crossed this is our big chance to see if we can ever have babies!!! Love to all and i will write more later!!! Ryan Peace Out (piss out)heheheheheh

Thursday, October 2, 2008

SOOOO Excited

So is anyone as excited as I am I get to see friends and family and I am so freeeeeeakin excited!! We will be heading over today at 3 will stop and have dinner with the Ang and Abby and maybe Nick Chelseay and Megan. If they can come, then it is up to Mount Vernon to hang with the sisters and the pa then mom will be there tomorrow and it is off to the camp sight!!! It is going to be so much fun but i have so much here to do still so i will let you go and talk at you all later have a good weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 Years of Marriage!!

Well we have done it DeWayne and I have made it 2 years together and counting. Yesterday we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary together as a couple and had a great time. I got him a picture of the two of us and he got me 2 Roses symbolizing our two years together an a Stuffed Pug with the promise that when we have the money and time that we will get a pug some day. Then we had a nice dinner at the Olive Garden and went to the mall to see if we could get my wedding rings sized but after the price it was going to cost we decided against that one. We had a great night just enjoying each others company which we never feel like we get to do any more as we are so busy.

What else is new in the Hetrick family we lets see here.... I have been healthy in the most part for the last 2 or 3 months which is nice and we have been seeing full time checks once again. I am going to see a couple of doctors in the next couple of weeks to get things hammered out but it looks as thought the surgery for the lap band will be happening the first part of next year the doctor has done all the referrals that she needs to do now i am waiting for Dr.Fox to call me and set up and apt to discuss things and where we go from here i wont be able to have it done now till next year because we are in lock down at work with Vacations from Halloween through the rest of the year. But I am very much looking forward to it as I would love to be healthy for a whole year and not sick all the time like it has been this year.

How is DeWayne he is doing great his is working full time driving for Round Table and really enjoys that and is looking into doing home theater systems. We went to some friends house a couple of weeks ago and he hurt his back playing Pickle Ball so he has been taking trips to the chiropractor a couple times a week.

We both have a Fantasy Football team this year it is fun i am still learning but it is a good time to have together. We go to a local sports bar here in town and watch there 15 screens of TV on Sunday morning then on Monday nights we get together with some friends and we all go to a local sports bar and watches Monday night football we have a blast.

Besides that not much else is going on around here in our little city getting ready to head over to the coast in October and looking forward to seeing friends and family then.

We miss every one and sorry it has taken me so long to get on here and write I have been just to busy I am not quite sure with what but always seem to be busy with something!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh the joys...

Well last week I went in and had my eyes checked and i needed glasses so i have been waiting for them to come in and they did this after noon i didn't know what a difference it would make it is still funny to see something and i am still getting use to them so some things are wobbly. They say it will take a couple of weeks for them to fully adjust to seeing 20/20.

Yesterday i had to go in for a colonoscopy everything is OK so far there they took out one pol-op the size of a dime and did a blood and stool test and both of those tests came back negative but it will be 4 weeks till the pol-op test comes back.

Other then that things are OK we had the boat races this weekend and enjoyed a full day out on the river on Sunday and the air show we had a good time but i still got sun burned even with the 50SPF. But it was fun.

Looking forward to the next couple of weeks and pricing things for the Garage sale that is coming up and having the whole fam dam ly over here since only mom has seen the house and we have been here for over a year now so it will be nice for them to be her.

Well i better go and take a shower as i have to get ready for the morning now because DeWayne has softball tonight so we will be up late and i have to get up early to go to work by 5:45.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Weight and Stress

How come is it when you are stressed you eat more or at least i do I always feel hungery and no matter what i do i cant get full. Well with all the stress that is what this weekend has been like i just got off the scale and i have gained 3 of the seven i had lost well all this means is i have to work harder this week and i will be able to be down next week right!!!! No more crap food and more fiber so i can stay fuller longer! Ok well i have kept you all long enoght have a good day everyone!

Tying Times

Sorry it has been so long since i have had time to sit down and let every one know what is going on in the life of Ryan and DeWayne. We first off i have been still having stomach issues so i have gone to see a Gastrointrologist last week and they let me know some interesting things about my stomach and what is happening. (I have been waiting on this feed back since I was in the Hospital) any how.... So i have ulcers in my esophagus and in my upper stomach what they are thinking is causing all the sores an pain in my stomach is that my food doesn't empty from my stomach in a timely manner most people have half of there food out of there stomach with in 90 min where as he thinks that mine stays in there from anywhere from 2.5 to 3 hours before it is half way gone so even by me eating smaller meals 6 times a day it still isn't helping that much because i still have food in my stomach from the time before. So with that all being said he put me on a medication that is not yet FDA approved but you can get it from Canada so that is what is we are going to do they have it all set up that they bill me for it but they get it from Canada for me. I sort of feel like a drug smuggler and it is prescribed to me..... :) Then i go in this following Monday and have the most lovely of test i get to have another Colonoscopy to see what they can find in my lower stomach he thinks he has a pretty good idea as to what is going on with my colon but just wants to be sure before he puts me on a medication for "Spastic Colon" doesn't this soooooo sound like something i would have it couldn't be anything normal it has to be spastic...

As for another issue here in our lives DeWayne has lost his job once again on Friday they let his whole team go from Senske Lawn and Tree. Which realllllly sucks he has sold all these lawn and tree and pest services and he will not get paid for any of them as he is no longer working for them and it was commission based so that is really making my blood boil he made that money for them almost 52 thousand dollars in revenue for them and he doesn't get to see the fruits of his labor. I am soooooo red with anger on this issue and you can tell my my jot on my soap box would show. Before I came home Friday night though he had went out and got him self another job that he starts today. He is going back to be a delivery driver for Round Table Pizza he will be the day time delivery person so he will get the big jobs that order pizzas and give nice size tips. We will see how the gas goes though with the price right now at $4.32 a gallon..... Hopefully the tips will be able to pay for gas every other day.

Besides that i don't think anything much is new i start my new 6 month shift at work this week so i will be working from Tuesday thru Saturday from 5:45am to 2:24 pm so lets hope my tired butt can get out of bed and be at work on time since that is sooooooooo early. No more staying up for me it is to bed by 9.

Ok well i love every one very much and miss you all hopefully every one is doing good and you are all enjoying the beautiful summer!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The first Weigh-In

So today was my first weigh in date and after a week and a half of working out and watching what I eat I have lost 7lbs (thats with a holiday in there) I was very happy this morning when I went to work out and got on the scale and saw that number. Things are going pretty good untill we had friends over for dinner and games and they brought over Banana Cream pie one of my favorites. I had a piece but then went on with eating correctly once again. I hope by this time next year I will not be as hot and sweaty as I am now with it being sooooooo freakin hot over here. My normal schedule is to get up in the morning and then go work out come home take a shower and then go to work it sort of makes for a long day but i am hoping the shorter days are coming. They are making lots of changes at work and they all start on the 20th of this month. I will be getting a new boss and I will also be working a new schedule. 5:45-2:45 Tuesday thru Saturday. This will be good for DeWayne and I so we can have some time to do things together which we have not had time to do in months. So that is about all I have to say at this time I miss every one and hope everyone is doing good!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Turning over a new Leaf...

"Today is the first day of the rest of my life. My healthy life the life that I was intend to have." I woke up this morning said it was going to be a good day and so far it has be wonderful. I joined Curves yesterday and today was my first work out and boy did it feel great. I got measured and made my goals for the next 3 weeks. (start small to end big) So I have set a goal of losing 5 lbs and to loose 2 inches total on my body. I also saw a nutritionist yesterday and she has put me on a 1500 calorie a day diet I know that sounds like a lot of calories but because I have been so sick lately she wants to start with that and if by week 4 I am not loosing 1-2 lbs a week she will then move to down to 1200 calories a day. So I have made my way to the store and have picked up the essentials of what I think I will need for the next week or so. Veggies are free so bring on the Cucumbers and Carrots and Celery. I sure am going to miss that Ranch dip but I want to see the new me and enjoy those veggies with nothing on them the way they were meant to be eaten. Fruit is perfect this time of year and oh my goodness the Grapes are FABULOUSSSSSS!!!! So from here on out we will be eating correctly and proportionately so that I can get healthy and maybe some day be able to run around with my little ones. 100 lbs to go and we can start trying to build our family. I would love the support from all my family and friends because as we all you this journey is a hard one and the motivation some times fades. I love you all and thank you in advance for your support. Love Ryan!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's back to work

Well once again i hope to be back to work tomorrow as it has been over a week and i am ready to go back to work. There has been lots of changes going on at work since i have been gone so i have been hearing from girls at work calling me and giving me heads up. I guess we will find out tomrrow for sure. I am still battling the sores on my toung and got another big one yesterday so i doubt that i will be going back to work full time right at first but it will be nice to at least being back to work period. I have been watching the Olympic trial today and cant wait till the Olympics start on 8-8-08 you better believe the DVR will be set to record everything. GO USA!!! Well that is about all that is going on now but i do hope that things are going good for everyone and that every one has a good ending to a nice week before the forth of July.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks for the Get well wishes...

It looks like all the get well wishes are going good i am only battling one more big sore in my mouth right now so i have started eating once again really small meals 6-8 times a day and drinking my ensure still. I will hopefully be going back to work with in the next week we really struggle when it is only one of us working. To I am at home today cleaning and doing dishes that need to get done. We are working at getting my energy up still really tired so i am sure i will be taking a nap a couple of times today. My new favorite food right now is eggs and mushrooms because it is soft to eat and has good protein and wonderful flavor. But besides that not much has changed around here just trying to get better and hope that this will be the last time this year that i will get sick i don't understand i have not ever in my whole life been sick this much so we will be working on that in the next couple of months with many doctors apts to make sure there is nothing else going on so hopefully i can get my immune system up to par with the rest of the world. I do have some sad news as well we will not be making it over for the 4th of July we would love to but we just cant afford it with me being sick so much and not having money coming in so we will be sending out thoughts for good weather over to every one on the cost!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long time no write.....

Well i am sorry for all those who come to read my blog i know that i have not been very good at updating it lately. I have been sick alot this year and not really sure why because i have never been this sick before. It all started in November with Brocotiuts then in feb i had a tooth pulled and then in the first of march i got really sick with the flu and then wet back to work in later March the i went back to work and got really sick once again and i think i finally get rid of everything and then my tooth breaks two weeks ago things were going fine at first but then starting this last wednesday my toung started getting swollen and hurting really bad same with my thought well today it was so swollen that i couldnt swollow so it was back to the ER with me and now i have and Bacterial infection in my mouth. Trust me i do now wish this on any one it hurts sooooo bad. Those poor infants who get this no wonder they get cranky when they get Thrush it hurts like hell. It is a good diet since i cant eat anything with out pain I will write more later i am just in too much pain right now.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun meme from Randi's blog :)
1- Type in "[your name] needs"
Ryan needs a bra.

2- Type in "[your name] looks like"
Ryan looks like some sketchy guy from the 80's picture published by wheetlefrumps

3- Type in "[your name] says"
Ryan says he's just as curious as you are as to where he'll end up

4- Type in "[your name] has"
Ryan has a different look: new mommy.

5- Type in "[your name] wants"
Ryan Wants a Burger.

6- Type in "[your name] gives"
Ryan Gives Birth to Baby Girl

7- Type in "[your name] takes"
Ryan takes, and keeps, control

8- Type in "[your name] loves"
Ryan loves everything at Claim Jumper Restraunts

I must be really thinking about having a baby I really wonder if it will be a girl with all of these about babies...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to the Doctor we go....

We just got back from the doctor and it was a good and bad appointment. She didn't think that after all this time that I have bronchitis either, that or I had it but it was being made worse by the other medical problems I have. She thinks that it is acid reflux causing all the coughing and the burning throat. Either that or I have Asthma which I will be going in the the next couple of weeks for a 2 hour breathing test and we will see which one is causing all the troubles. It was nice to see a doctor with insurance after all this time. She was really fast at coming in to see me they signed me in came and got me and before they were done doing my stats she was already in the room. The plus side with me being so sick lately is that I have lost 9 pounds. Yeah me now I just need to keep up on the weight fight. Hopefully by this time next year I will be going in and getting my Lap Band surgery. I have to prove to her that I want it bad enough and loose 10 percent of my body weight for her to give me all the referrals that I need to get it done it has already been ok'ed by insurance. Well that is all for now it will be back to work with me on Wednesday. Finally we will have a double income once again.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sorry it has been so long.

Lets see what has been going on with DeWayne and I lately. Well lets go back a little while. The weekend before dads birthday we went up to mom and dads I was sick but had gone to the doctors and she gave me some Meds so I thought that everything would be fine when we went to mom and dads. It wasn't, mom ended up taking me to the ER because I couldn't breath so we got back to the house around 4 am that morning we got all my Meds (thanks to mom and dad we got it worked out that my insurance could pay on Monday so i could get them) then we went home that day and I went back to work on Wednesday and was sick didn't have a voice and ended up being taken to the ER by Ambulance on Friday because I was dizzy and was having trouble breathing because i was coughing so much. I was told that I was not to go back to work until the following Wednesday, I went to go back to work on Wednesday still didn't have a voice and had a fever so I ended up at the ER once again and have not been back to work this hole week let me tell you. I do not wish this on any one I have been sick so much this year. BRONCHITIS SUCKS..... Any how I seem to be doing better now (after 4 rounds of antibiotics...)
I got to go outside today and spend some time in the warm fresh air which was good for the lungs. As for the rest of my weekend I am going to try to get some more fresh air and will be going in and checking in with my doctor on Monday and hopefully will be back to work on Wednesday. I miss every one and cant wait to see my family on Memorial Day Weekend,

Friday, April 11, 2008

Its Friday!!!

So I get to take a day off and it will be tomorrow so this will really be my Friday this week. DeWayne is in a Soft ball Tourney this weekend so we are going up to Othello for that, then we are heading up to Grand Coulee to see the family. I am so excited we will get to see Shawn and Jeanae and the kids which we have not seen since August so it will be nice to see them. We also get to see Randi and Kauleen since we have not seen them since Christmas. Then Sunday morning it is get up early and head back to Otown so that we can have another day of Softball it will just be nice to see family for a short time I am major excited. Now if I could just get rid of this cough everything else would be even better. TTFN!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Just for you Sister!!!

A-B-C Meme
A-Available - when ever needed I am always Available
B-Best friend - My husband DeWayne
C-Cake or Pie? -Pound Cake YUMMMM!!!
D-Drink of choice: Strawberry Fruit Slush from Sonic
E-Essential - Water Couldn't live with out it (just make sure it is nice and cold first)
F-Favorite color - RED but Pink is coming in a close second these days
G-Gummi bears or worms: Gummi worms the Red and White ones I pick them out and let everyone else have the others!!!
H-Hometown: Mt. Vernon but the Tri-Cities are growing on me a little more all the time
I-Indulgence: Pedicures I try to have one done once a month if I can I love sitting there and just relaxing which I don't like to do very often
J-January or February: Don't like either one by that time i am ready for spring bring on March
K-Kids and names: Claya for a girl and Gavin for a boy
L-Life: is like a box of Chocolates you never know what your gonna get
M-Marriage date: September 9, 2006 My how time flies it is going to be 2 years this year....
N-Number of siblings: 1 sister - Randi Love her to pieces
O-Oranges or apples: I love the Juice from either but i don't like to eat them very often cus they don't like it in my tummy
P-Phobias: I have a fear of there being a rat in my toilet some day when i go to sit down on the toilet so i always have to check first before sitting.....
Q-Quote: The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well. - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
R-Reason to smile - I am married to my best friend of all times and I know that he will be there for me no matter what happens. How could that not make you smile
S-Season: Spring with everything starting to grow and everything being bright and cheerio!!!!
T-Tag -Totally Awesome Girl!!!
U-Unknown fact about you: I once fit 6 Banana's in my mouth at one time.
V-Vegetable you don't like: almost any veggie that is cooked but i love raw veggies!!!
X-X-rays you have had: to many to count
Y-Your favorite food: Potatoes any way but home made mashed
Z-Zodiac: Aries...

Vacation this year Maybe??????

Yes you heard it folks we are looking at planing a vacation for this September over our Anniversary week this year. We will be going back to Lincoln City to enjoy some good time and relaxing at the ocean. We will head down and maybe spend a day or two with Aunt Pat and Uncle Lawrence which are DeWaynes aunt and uncle but I love to spend time with them as well they are a hoot and Aunt Pat can out talk me and you all know how much I love to talk then we will head down to the ocean and eat at our favorite restaurants and fly are really big 6 foot kite. Oh and you cant forget the wonderful drive down the coast to Tillimook to get that Squeaky cheese!!! Got to love that stuff!! Ok well I was just sharing with everyone how excited i am about having a vacation and how we have something to look forward to coming up!!!!

Things are looking up!!!!

Well it has been a while since i have up dated my blog so here it goes. I have been doing pretty good not ailments all last week a couple of bloody noses but none that lasted 2 and a half hours like the first one did. Work is going ok some days are good and some days are bad but that comes with any job right. I get to change where i sit at work this week so I am hoping that it will make everything better with all the negativity that has been around me. As for the rest of work I found out last week that i wont be getting any raised or bonuses this time around because I have been sick so much this fall / winter season but i do hope that the spring summer season will be much better for me. As I have a lot to look forward to. As for DeWayne he is doing good he got a job at Round Table Pizza and will start working Senske Lawn and Tree Care on Monday of next week in there sales office he was looking for a grown up job and he found it. I think this will be a great job for him and he is looking forward to starting a new job journey.

DeWayne has already been busy with softball this year he has had two different tourneys so far and has 2 more this month. We will also be traveling to see mom and dad on dads birthday weekend since he has a tourney in Moses Lake that weekend. We are both looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend and seeing family some that we have not seen since our wedding a year and a half ago. My how time flies when you are having fun.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

My monthly trip to the hospital

Well yesterday i had a very bad headache that would not go away so i took some Advil then all of a sudden my nose started bleeding and bleeding and bleeding for 2.5 hours it bled and i ended up in the hospital. Once again with no insurance I had to go to the hospital. Let me tell you what I was so mad that the doctors at the doctors office couldn't help me and that they had to send me to the hospital. But they have to do what has to be done so i went in and saw Dr.Gurney ( yes just like the hospital Gurney) Any how he stuck some cotton in my nose that was wet with this stuff that burned like super bad for 45 mins but we Finlay got the nose bleed to stop. From there i went back to work hoping that they would let me come back since it was not my choice for me to leave they told me i had to. But no i could not go back so today i went back and found out that i was pointed for being gone yesterday( i know this means nothing to you guys but it means to me that if i miss any more time in 90 days i will no longer have a Job) So i went in and saw HR today and they told me that because i was not taken in an ambulance that it would not count. ( Let me tell you i was so mad they are the ones that said that i needed to leave but yet they are going to penalize me for it) So needless to say right when we get DeWayne gets a job we are not looking for one for me because I am tired off all the stress. I just want to do something that i am good at and people will like me for who i am. I guess that is all i have to say for right now.

P.S. Thanks for the many Birthday comments i really appreciate them all!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


DeWayne got a job today so things are starting to look up for us. He will be driving for Round Table Pizza for right now with some time he will still be looking for another job but as for right now that is where he with be driving. The tips will be great once again. Cash is always better to spend when you have it. We went out to dinner for DeWaynes birthday last night and had a great time just hanging out for his birthday. My birthday is Monday but I don't think that we will be doing much for it. We are going to meet mom and dad in Moses Lake for Easter dinner and visiting so that will be good to look forward to. I miss having them around just to hang out with. So any how I should get going as I just got home from work and haven't had much time to talk to my husband and hear everything about the new job. Hope you all have a great Easter if I don't write before then. Ryan

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Morning!

Well it has been some time since i have written on this but it has been crazy busy around here with me going back to work and all. I have been working 12 hour days and even picked up a couple of extra shifts when it was to be my day off but, we need the money. DeWayne has been looking for a job with no luck and is starting to feel not so hot about him self. I hope some place calls him back soon he has applied at like 10 to 15 different places and no luck yet. It is his birthday tomorrow and we dont have any money to celebrate so i will make him a cake and hope it is ok with him. Mine is next monday and i know that i am not a kid any more but there is just something about that special day when everything is about you and when you dont have any money there is nothing to look foward to for it to be all about me. So as you can tell i am very bumbed that are birthdays are right around the corner because i would love to have money to celebrate. Thats about all i have on my mind now i will write more when i have some time i have to head out to my mother in laws and do the dishes now. Ryan

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back to work

Well it has been a good day the last day of being sick as the doctor has now released me to go back to work tomorrow. I am excited, nervous and apprehensive about going back to work since I have been gone for almost a month from work but we will see how it goes. The doctor could not do an ultra sound today so i will be going back in one month and getting one hopefully will have no trouble. For those of you that hadn't heard I had an infection in Uterus so I had not had a period in almost a year the doctor and i have have been working together so that hopefully here in the next year or some we can start having kids but that is still some time from now. For now we will be happy with that.

DeWayne is still looking for a job and we are still stressing about money but I will do my best to get as much OT at work so that we can have money to pay the bills at the end of the month. I tell you when it rains it pours in our family.

It is the start of the softball season this Saturday so we are hoping that he can find a job where he can have time to play his favorite sport. One of the guys that he plays with has paid for him to play in the tournament this weekend. So he is very excited.

Well I went to bed at 9 but could not sleep I just have too much going on in my head so I got up but I really need to be going to sleep here pretty soon as I have to be at work at 9:30 in the morning. So for now I am going to go to bed and will write more tomorrow after work.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stress of life....

I would love to be able to say that life is just going great at this time but that is not the truth. I am very stressed out. I have a blood infection and have had it for weeks now so I have not been working which means that I am not bringing any money in for our my family. Then since last Wednesday we found out that my husband is no longer going to have a job because the place where he had worked is now closed. Then this morning we woke up and out Water heater had gone out and our freezer had frozen over. Something good has to come of all this because I really cant handle much more. I am hoping that as of Wednesday the doctor will tell me that everything is good and I can go back to work. I also am hoping that the doctor will let me know for sure wither or not DeWayne and I will be able to have kids or not as of right now they are saying that we probaly will not be able too. But I am not going to think of that untill the day that I am told for sure. Well I should get going and take my meds and go to bed I will talk to all later. Ryan


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