Monday, April 28, 2008

Back to the Doctor we go....

We just got back from the doctor and it was a good and bad appointment. She didn't think that after all this time that I have bronchitis either, that or I had it but it was being made worse by the other medical problems I have. She thinks that it is acid reflux causing all the coughing and the burning throat. Either that or I have Asthma which I will be going in the the next couple of weeks for a 2 hour breathing test and we will see which one is causing all the troubles. It was nice to see a doctor with insurance after all this time. She was really fast at coming in to see me they signed me in came and got me and before they were done doing my stats she was already in the room. The plus side with me being so sick lately is that I have lost 9 pounds. Yeah me now I just need to keep up on the weight fight. Hopefully by this time next year I will be going in and getting my Lap Band surgery. I have to prove to her that I want it bad enough and loose 10 percent of my body weight for her to give me all the referrals that I need to get it done it has already been ok'ed by insurance. Well that is all for now it will be back to work with me on Wednesday. Finally we will have a double income once again.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sorry it has been so long.

Lets see what has been going on with DeWayne and I lately. Well lets go back a little while. The weekend before dads birthday we went up to mom and dads I was sick but had gone to the doctors and she gave me some Meds so I thought that everything would be fine when we went to mom and dads. It wasn't, mom ended up taking me to the ER because I couldn't breath so we got back to the house around 4 am that morning we got all my Meds (thanks to mom and dad we got it worked out that my insurance could pay on Monday so i could get them) then we went home that day and I went back to work on Wednesday and was sick didn't have a voice and ended up being taken to the ER by Ambulance on Friday because I was dizzy and was having trouble breathing because i was coughing so much. I was told that I was not to go back to work until the following Wednesday, I went to go back to work on Wednesday still didn't have a voice and had a fever so I ended up at the ER once again and have not been back to work this hole week let me tell you. I do not wish this on any one I have been sick so much this year. BRONCHITIS SUCKS..... Any how I seem to be doing better now (after 4 rounds of antibiotics...)
I got to go outside today and spend some time in the warm fresh air which was good for the lungs. As for the rest of my weekend I am going to try to get some more fresh air and will be going in and checking in with my doctor on Monday and hopefully will be back to work on Wednesday. I miss every one and cant wait to see my family on Memorial Day Weekend,

Friday, April 11, 2008

Its Friday!!!

So I get to take a day off and it will be tomorrow so this will really be my Friday this week. DeWayne is in a Soft ball Tourney this weekend so we are going up to Othello for that, then we are heading up to Grand Coulee to see the family. I am so excited we will get to see Shawn and Jeanae and the kids which we have not seen since August so it will be nice to see them. We also get to see Randi and Kauleen since we have not seen them since Christmas. Then Sunday morning it is get up early and head back to Otown so that we can have another day of Softball it will just be nice to see family for a short time I am major excited. Now if I could just get rid of this cough everything else would be even better. TTFN!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Just for you Sister!!!

A-B-C Meme
A-Available - when ever needed I am always Available
B-Best friend - My husband DeWayne
C-Cake or Pie? -Pound Cake YUMMMM!!!
D-Drink of choice: Strawberry Fruit Slush from Sonic
E-Essential - Water Couldn't live with out it (just make sure it is nice and cold first)
F-Favorite color - RED but Pink is coming in a close second these days
G-Gummi bears or worms: Gummi worms the Red and White ones I pick them out and let everyone else have the others!!!
H-Hometown: Mt. Vernon but the Tri-Cities are growing on me a little more all the time
I-Indulgence: Pedicures I try to have one done once a month if I can I love sitting there and just relaxing which I don't like to do very often
J-January or February: Don't like either one by that time i am ready for spring bring on March
K-Kids and names: Claya for a girl and Gavin for a boy
L-Life: is like a box of Chocolates you never know what your gonna get
M-Marriage date: September 9, 2006 My how time flies it is going to be 2 years this year....
N-Number of siblings: 1 sister - Randi Love her to pieces
O-Oranges or apples: I love the Juice from either but i don't like to eat them very often cus they don't like it in my tummy
P-Phobias: I have a fear of there being a rat in my toilet some day when i go to sit down on the toilet so i always have to check first before sitting.....
Q-Quote: The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well. - Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
R-Reason to smile - I am married to my best friend of all times and I know that he will be there for me no matter what happens. How could that not make you smile
S-Season: Spring with everything starting to grow and everything being bright and cheerio!!!!
T-Tag -Totally Awesome Girl!!!
U-Unknown fact about you: I once fit 6 Banana's in my mouth at one time.
V-Vegetable you don't like: almost any veggie that is cooked but i love raw veggies!!!
X-X-rays you have had: to many to count
Y-Your favorite food: Potatoes any way but home made mashed
Z-Zodiac: Aries...

Vacation this year Maybe??????

Yes you heard it folks we are looking at planing a vacation for this September over our Anniversary week this year. We will be going back to Lincoln City to enjoy some good time and relaxing at the ocean. We will head down and maybe spend a day or two with Aunt Pat and Uncle Lawrence which are DeWaynes aunt and uncle but I love to spend time with them as well they are a hoot and Aunt Pat can out talk me and you all know how much I love to talk then we will head down to the ocean and eat at our favorite restaurants and fly are really big 6 foot kite. Oh and you cant forget the wonderful drive down the coast to Tillimook to get that Squeaky cheese!!! Got to love that stuff!! Ok well I was just sharing with everyone how excited i am about having a vacation and how we have something to look forward to coming up!!!!

Things are looking up!!!!

Well it has been a while since i have up dated my blog so here it goes. I have been doing pretty good not ailments all last week a couple of bloody noses but none that lasted 2 and a half hours like the first one did. Work is going ok some days are good and some days are bad but that comes with any job right. I get to change where i sit at work this week so I am hoping that it will make everything better with all the negativity that has been around me. As for the rest of work I found out last week that i wont be getting any raised or bonuses this time around because I have been sick so much this fall / winter season but i do hope that the spring summer season will be much better for me. As I have a lot to look forward to. As for DeWayne he is doing good he got a job at Round Table Pizza and will start working Senske Lawn and Tree Care on Monday of next week in there sales office he was looking for a grown up job and he found it. I think this will be a great job for him and he is looking forward to starting a new job journey.

DeWayne has already been busy with softball this year he has had two different tourneys so far and has 2 more this month. We will also be traveling to see mom and dad on dads birthday weekend since he has a tourney in Moses Lake that weekend. We are both looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend and seeing family some that we have not seen since our wedding a year and a half ago. My how time flies when you are having fun.


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