Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wish I had answeres...

Well thanks to everyone and there positive thoughts. I would love to say they all helped but it looks like I am going to be needed more of them sent our way. We got to the doctors today ( anxious all day) and the doctor was running 45 mins late. UGGGGGG....... Any how I had a trans vaginal ultrasound today and also was to get a biopsy of my Uterus. Well that didn't all happen. I had the Ultrasound and it was very painful. We got some pictures of it but it didn't have all the info needed so I will have to go in and have a CT Scan of my Uterus now. At that same time they will do an Ultra sound of my Left breast because they found a lump in it today as well. Then it will be off to surgery on the 10th of November to get the Biopsy of my Uterus and also see why my uterus is so painful and what is going on with the cysts. So I would love to say that this is all over and done with but at this time it looks like it is just starting. Please keep the good thoughts coming when you have some free time. Love you all. Ryan and DeWayne


Cori's Stories said...

Good lord Ryan. I dont know what else to say. I wish I could be there to be with you. I only hope you have really good insurance. I love you and am thinking of you all the time.

CiaoBella! said...

Wishing I was there to give you hugs! 0000000XX!!
Aunt Mary

Rory, Angie and Abby Bolter said...

Oh Ryan!!! I'm thinking of you and praying for you! I'm so very sorry. Please know I'm here for you!!

Love you!
Ang, Rory and Abby


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