Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 Years of Marriage!!

Well we have done it DeWayne and I have made it 2 years together and counting. Yesterday we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary together as a couple and had a great time. I got him a picture of the two of us and he got me 2 Roses symbolizing our two years together an a Stuffed Pug with the promise that when we have the money and time that we will get a pug some day. Then we had a nice dinner at the Olive Garden and went to the mall to see if we could get my wedding rings sized but after the price it was going to cost we decided against that one. We had a great night just enjoying each others company which we never feel like we get to do any more as we are so busy.

What else is new in the Hetrick family we lets see here.... I have been healthy in the most part for the last 2 or 3 months which is nice and we have been seeing full time checks once again. I am going to see a couple of doctors in the next couple of weeks to get things hammered out but it looks as thought the surgery for the lap band will be happening the first part of next year the doctor has done all the referrals that she needs to do now i am waiting for Dr.Fox to call me and set up and apt to discuss things and where we go from here i wont be able to have it done now till next year because we are in lock down at work with Vacations from Halloween through the rest of the year. But I am very much looking forward to it as I would love to be healthy for a whole year and not sick all the time like it has been this year.

How is DeWayne he is doing great his is working full time driving for Round Table and really enjoys that and is looking into doing home theater systems. We went to some friends house a couple of weeks ago and he hurt his back playing Pickle Ball so he has been taking trips to the chiropractor a couple times a week.

We both have a Fantasy Football team this year it is fun i am still learning but it is a good time to have together. We go to a local sports bar here in town and watch there 15 screens of TV on Sunday morning then on Monday nights we get together with some friends and we all go to a local sports bar and watches Monday night football we have a blast.

Besides that not much else is going on around here in our little city getting ready to head over to the coast in October and looking forward to seeing friends and family then.

We miss every one and sorry it has taken me so long to get on here and write I have been just to busy I am not quite sure with what but always seem to be busy with something!!!


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