Monday, November 10, 2008


Well last night was but if i could just get some sleep that would be great i was up once again from11-12 then got up at 4 and couldn't make my self go back to sleep kept thinking that i would sleep in to late and there is to many things just going thru my head period... Let me tell you though I am so excited to hopefully get rid of all the pain that i have had for years and no one could tell me what it was. But lets hope this is it!!!! Well now mom just got up so i should go and visit with her can i tell you how glad that i am to have my mommy here with me when i going into surgery. OK well mom will update everyone later and once i am up and feeling like i can use the computer i will how it went.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting Ready

So today is a day to get ready for the rest of the week. I go in tomorrow morning , my check in time is 8:45 and then I will or at least should be home tomorrow night. I am feeling nervous and a little anxious. I have been up that last two days at 5 in the AM going "what to do now?" I have started knitting with a group of girls at work so I have made two scarvs so far and the Knitting fairy has delivered me a basket of yarn and a new set of Bamboo knitting needles! All i have to get is one more small set so I can start making wash cloths for Christmas gifts. I really appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers and i will make sure some one updates my blog so you all will know how it went. I have to be going now it is Sunday so that means it is football day and i have to share the computer! Love you all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The day has come...

Well we got all the news from the doctor yesterday. I will be going in on Monday ( not sure on the time yet find that out on Friday) and i will be having my right ovary removed with a mass that is about the size of a baseball 7 1/2 cm. he will remove that and at that time do a DNC of my uterus and my vi j j walls will all be scraped and he will also do a couple of biopsies of different spots in side and then last and least he will be removing the Skin Tag from the side of my leg.

I will be out of work for 4-6 weeks and will be at home so if anyone gets board give me a call. I will be doing a lot of knitting so that i have Christmas gifts to give to people.

I am sorry i have not written in so long there has been just to much stress lately and i wanted everyone to be excited for my sister and (PJ &Scooter)

I hope life is treating everyone else well and that every one else is healthy and not getting the nasty flu that is going around.

I will let everyone know how i am doing after surgery either that or mom dad or Randi will post how i am doing on there blogs. Love you all and thanks for the warm blessings and positive thoughts!


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