Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

It is back to work for me tomorrow it has been 7 weeks since I have worked and I am soooooo ready to go back. I am not going to like getting up so early again and going to bed so early again but it will be ok I will once again adjust!! I get to go back 2 days before my favorite season is over so that will be nice. I have my outfits ready for those to days both Christmas outfits and I have antlers to go with each one. Last year it was something I did for fun is wore a different pair ever day but this year I only get to wear two of them. Sad Face:( But besides that we are snowed in just like every one else we have 14 inches of snow and it is beautiful but I hate driving in it I am hoping for a late start tomorrow so I can at least drive in the day light and not the pitch black of morning. DeWayne and I are getting ready for Christmas just spending the day by ourselves watching movies and just hanging out with each other that is how we are going to spending our Christmas! It will be very different for me since i am so used to being with my family but that is what happens when you have two family and so does your sister!!! So we will go up to Wenatchee on the 3rd and spend the weekend with my family and have a great time i am sure.

It is a very busy time of the year for everyone but I just want everyone to know how much each and everyone of you mean to me I am so thankful to have such wonderful friends and a family that cares for each other so much. Please during this busy season remember those of us that are not so lucky and remember how blessed you are. I love you all and hope you have the Merriest of Christmas's and a Bright and Happy New year!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow anyone???

Just wanted to know how every body is holding up against this ugly storm. We have 3 or 4 inches right now and they are calling for 2 more inches by tonight and it has been snowing all nights really small flakes but it has been coming down and soooooo very cold right now it is 12 degrees outside and with the wind chill even colder. They are calling for more snow on wednesday and then again next saturday so it looks like we might have a white christmas after all if it stays this cold!! I am staying in where it is warm for sure as for DeWayne he is out driving in it all day but it has been pretty slow for the pizza industry right now. I keep telling DeWayne every thing is slow right now :( Any how just on here wondering how every one else is doing with this wonderful storm??

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hi all sorry it has been so long you would think with me not having anything to do that i would be on the Internet every day changing my blog well that is not the case. I have found many things to keep me occupied i have been knitting a lot, making Christmas cookies, trying to get my house organized before i went back to work which was going to be tomorrow 12/10 but after my 4 week check up after surgery i got the sad news that i would not be getting to go back to work until after Christmas which really bums me out this i know sounds weird but it is my favorite time at work and i have missed the whole Christmas season now. Bummer... Besides that things are going OK here in the Tri-Cities, De Wayne is working lots and has put in his application to work another job as well to help out with the money crunch and you never know he may keep it a while if he likes it. It would be Saturday and Sunday's only he would be doing outages for the Herald so if someone didn't get there paper or something like that he would be getting there paper to them and if people needed help doing down paper routs he would be doing those as well so he would leave at 3 am and get home around 10 or 12 and then come home and go to bed. We will see how it works out but i am very thankful that i have a husband that doesn't mind going the extra mile to help out his little family.

As for Christmas this year i don't know if i will even decorate because of doctors orders to stay laying down i don't think he knows how boring it is. But i will do it because i really want to be back to work the first of the year as i hear there are a lot of changes going on and i will be working just for for the first time since i started a year and a half ago.

OK well it is back to laying down for me i will write more later i promise and i am sorry that it has taken me so long to post a blog one month to be exact. Love to all!!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Well last night was but if i could just get some sleep that would be great i was up once again from11-12 then got up at 4 and couldn't make my self go back to sleep kept thinking that i would sleep in to late and there is to many things just going thru my head period... Let me tell you though I am so excited to hopefully get rid of all the pain that i have had for years and no one could tell me what it was. But lets hope this is it!!!! Well now mom just got up so i should go and visit with her can i tell you how glad that i am to have my mommy here with me when i going into surgery. OK well mom will update everyone later and once i am up and feeling like i can use the computer i will how it went.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Getting Ready

So today is a day to get ready for the rest of the week. I go in tomorrow morning , my check in time is 8:45 and then I will or at least should be home tomorrow night. I am feeling nervous and a little anxious. I have been up that last two days at 5 in the AM going "what to do now?" I have started knitting with a group of girls at work so I have made two scarvs so far and the Knitting fairy has delivered me a basket of yarn and a new set of Bamboo knitting needles! All i have to get is one more small set so I can start making wash cloths for Christmas gifts. I really appreciate all the positive thoughts and prayers and i will make sure some one updates my blog so you all will know how it went. I have to be going now it is Sunday so that means it is football day and i have to share the computer! Love you all!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The day has come...

Well we got all the news from the doctor yesterday. I will be going in on Monday ( not sure on the time yet find that out on Friday) and i will be having my right ovary removed with a mass that is about the size of a baseball 7 1/2 cm. he will remove that and at that time do a DNC of my uterus and my vi j j walls will all be scraped and he will also do a couple of biopsies of different spots in side and then last and least he will be removing the Skin Tag from the side of my leg.

I will be out of work for 4-6 weeks and will be at home so if anyone gets board give me a call. I will be doing a lot of knitting so that i have Christmas gifts to give to people.

I am sorry i have not written in so long there has been just to much stress lately and i wanted everyone to be excited for my sister and (PJ &Scooter)

I hope life is treating everyone else well and that every one else is healthy and not getting the nasty flu that is going around.

I will let everyone know how i am doing after surgery either that or mom dad or Randi will post how i am doing on there blogs. Love you all and thanks for the warm blessings and positive thoughts!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wish I had answeres...

Well thanks to everyone and there positive thoughts. I would love to say they all helped but it looks like I am going to be needed more of them sent our way. We got to the doctors today ( anxious all day) and the doctor was running 45 mins late. UGGGGGG....... Any how I had a trans vaginal ultrasound today and also was to get a biopsy of my Uterus. Well that didn't all happen. I had the Ultrasound and it was very painful. We got some pictures of it but it didn't have all the info needed so I will have to go in and have a CT Scan of my Uterus now. At that same time they will do an Ultra sound of my Left breast because they found a lump in it today as well. Then it will be off to surgery on the 10th of November to get the Biopsy of my Uterus and also see why my uterus is so painful and what is going on with the cysts. So I would love to say that this is all over and done with but at this time it looks like it is just starting. Please keep the good thoughts coming when you have some free time. Love you all. Ryan and DeWayne


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