Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hi all sorry it has been so long you would think with me not having anything to do that i would be on the Internet every day changing my blog well that is not the case. I have found many things to keep me occupied i have been knitting a lot, making Christmas cookies, trying to get my house organized before i went back to work which was going to be tomorrow 12/10 but after my 4 week check up after surgery i got the sad news that i would not be getting to go back to work until after Christmas which really bums me out this i know sounds weird but it is my favorite time at work and i have missed the whole Christmas season now. Bummer... Besides that things are going OK here in the Tri-Cities, De Wayne is working lots and has put in his application to work another job as well to help out with the money crunch and you never know he may keep it a while if he likes it. It would be Saturday and Sunday's only he would be doing outages for the Herald so if someone didn't get there paper or something like that he would be getting there paper to them and if people needed help doing down paper routs he would be doing those as well so he would leave at 3 am and get home around 10 or 12 and then come home and go to bed. We will see how it works out but i am very thankful that i have a husband that doesn't mind going the extra mile to help out his little family.

As for Christmas this year i don't know if i will even decorate because of doctors orders to stay laying down i don't think he knows how boring it is. But i will do it because i really want to be back to work the first of the year as i hear there are a lot of changes going on and i will be working just for amazon.com for the first time since i started a year and a half ago.

OK well it is back to laying down for me i will write more later i promise and i am sorry that it has taken me so long to post a blog one month to be exact. Love to all!!

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