Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's back to work

Well once again i hope to be back to work tomorrow as it has been over a week and i am ready to go back to work. There has been lots of changes going on at work since i have been gone so i have been hearing from girls at work calling me and giving me heads up. I guess we will find out tomrrow for sure. I am still battling the sores on my toung and got another big one yesterday so i doubt that i will be going back to work full time right at first but it will be nice to at least being back to work period. I have been watching the Olympic trial today and cant wait till the Olympics start on 8-8-08 you better believe the DVR will be set to record everything. GO USA!!! Well that is about all that is going on now but i do hope that things are going good for everyone and that every one has a good ending to a nice week before the forth of July.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thanks for the Get well wishes...

It looks like all the get well wishes are going good i am only battling one more big sore in my mouth right now so i have started eating once again really small meals 6-8 times a day and drinking my ensure still. I will hopefully be going back to work with in the next week we really struggle when it is only one of us working. To I am at home today cleaning and doing dishes that need to get done. We are working at getting my energy up still really tired so i am sure i will be taking a nap a couple of times today. My new favorite food right now is eggs and mushrooms because it is soft to eat and has good protein and wonderful flavor. But besides that not much has changed around here just trying to get better and hope that this will be the last time this year that i will get sick i don't understand i have not ever in my whole life been sick this much so we will be working on that in the next couple of months with many doctors apts to make sure there is nothing else going on so hopefully i can get my immune system up to par with the rest of the world. I do have some sad news as well we will not be making it over for the 4th of July we would love to but we just cant afford it with me being sick so much and not having money coming in so we will be sending out thoughts for good weather over to every one on the cost!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Long time no write.....

Well i am sorry for all those who come to read my blog i know that i have not been very good at updating it lately. I have been sick alot this year and not really sure why because i have never been this sick before. It all started in November with Brocotiuts then in feb i had a tooth pulled and then in the first of march i got really sick with the flu and then wet back to work in later March the i went back to work and got really sick once again and i think i finally get rid of everything and then my tooth breaks two weeks ago things were going fine at first but then starting this last wednesday my toung started getting swollen and hurting really bad same with my thought well today it was so swollen that i couldnt swollow so it was back to the ER with me and now i have and Bacterial infection in my mouth. Trust me i do now wish this on any one it hurts sooooo bad. Those poor infants who get this no wonder they get cranky when they get Thrush it hurts like hell. It is a good diet since i cant eat anything with out pain I will write more later i am just in too much pain right now.


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