Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fun meme from Randi's blog :)
1- Type in "[your name] needs"
Ryan needs a bra.

2- Type in "[your name] looks like"
Ryan looks like some sketchy guy from the 80's picture published by wheetlefrumps

3- Type in "[your name] says"
Ryan says he's just as curious as you are as to where he'll end up

4- Type in "[your name] has"
Ryan has a different look: new mommy.

5- Type in "[your name] wants"
Ryan Wants a Burger.

6- Type in "[your name] gives"
Ryan Gives Birth to Baby Girl

7- Type in "[your name] takes"
Ryan takes, and keeps, control

8- Type in "[your name] loves"
Ryan loves everything at Claim Jumper Restraunts

I must be really thinking about having a baby I really wonder if it will be a girl with all of these about babies...


You have to find your self in God before you know who you are.